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Mar 07

Going There: Who Needs College?

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Date March 7, 2017
Time 7 PM - 8:30 PM


Monona Terrace
1 John Nolen Drive
Madison, WI 53703

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Event Description

Does everyone really need a college education?

For more than a century, Wisconsin has held up the basic idea that every student should have the chance to earn a college degree – and that a state-wide university system increases jobs and investment for everyone in Wisconsin. But now there is a growing debate on whether the cost of a college diploma is worth it. Students and families are taking on enormous debt, with no guarantee of a well-paying job at the end of the road. Many contend technical or online learning might be a smarter choice.

Meanwhile, some people question whether universities remain safe havens for intellectual inquiry. Some say political correctness has so infused the academic experience that conservative ideas are no longer welcome. Others argue that the growing influence of corporate sponsors and donors aims to suppress controversial ideas. Is the notion that college is a place to challenge oneself personally and politically, to push against social norms, an idea whose time has come and gone? Some see student activism as an expensive luxury that state-sponsored schools can no longer afford. And speaking of expensive – what about all those sports programs?

Join NPR's Michel Martin and Wisconsin Public Radio for an evening of conversation and performance as we ask, "What's a college education for?" It's the latest in the NPR event series, Michel Martin: Going There, and will be produced in partnership with Wisconsin Public Radio. Join the conversation on Twitter with #NPRWhyCollege and at @NPRMichel.

Martin will be joined onstage by longtime conservative radio host and author Charlie Sykes, University of Wisconsin grad and NPR Music editor and reviewer Stephen Thompson, cartoonist Lynda Barry, Wisconsin Union president Deshawn McKinney, Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos and Brian Raffel, co-founder and Studio Head of Raven Software.

Performance by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's First Wave.

Local support provided by Capitol Lakes and Qual Line Fence.

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