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Mar 08

Going There in Pittsburgh: Reinventing the American City

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Date March 8, 2016
Time 7 PM - 10 PM


August Wilson Center for African-American Culture
980 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh , PA 15222
(412) 471-6070
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Event Description

Michel Martin takes you where the story is happening. She gets to the heart of the issues facing our communities by opening a dialogue with the people experiencing them every day. Connecting personal stories and perspectives with art, music and performance, Michel and her guests discuss ideas and solutions with an audience that craves a deeper understanding.

A city rebuilds itself with new industry, new energy and new people after a generation of decline. But what happens to those who endured the tough times? Are they lifted up, or pushed out? How can newcomers and established residents build a common vision of progress? Or is creative tension part of what pushes a city to a better future? Pittsburgh has to answer these questions in real time. The issue is analyzed through dialogue with people who are living it, through their different perspectives, histories, and experiences. Martin will be joined on stage by Eve Picker, founder and president of smallchange.com; Tara Sherry-Torres--founder, chief creative officer at Cafe Con Leche; photographer and MacArthur Fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier; filmmaker Chris Ivey; CEO of Urban Innovation21 William Generett Jr.; performance artist Vanessa German and actor Wali Jamal who will be reprising his role as Sterling in the August Wilson play “Radio Golf.”
NPR and WESA will provide a live audio stream and record the event for a featured segment on All Things Considered's weekend broadcast. The discussion will continue online following @NPRMichel and @905wesa using the hashtag #livablecity.

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